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Make your food look amazing!

We take super-sharp, high-quality photographs of your food and drink to make them looking amazing!

We’ll take care of the styling, compositions, lighting and post-photoshoot editing to digitally cross the T’s and dot the I’s.

An array of images will be supplied to you digitally, enabling you to utilise them as and when you wish. Alternatively, Dood & Frink can provide additional support in the form of social media management.


Bring your food to life!

The digital age we all live in is about ‘scrolling’ - When people use their social media accounts, they’ll see an abundance of new content which is posted by the various businesses they follow - But what stops people in their tracks?

Capturing somebody’s attention is difficult… in fact, with the sheer volume of new media posted every single day, it’s an extremely hard task.

We can produce stop motion animations unique to your business; bright, vibrant and packed full of content; it could be just what’s required to hold your audiences’ attention for a few more ‘essential’ seconds.

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Step into the world of digital!

The most effective way of showcasing your food, beverage and product range in today’s modern society is via the power of social media.

Dood & Frink can setup, organise and maintain your weekly and monthly posts - This will enable you to focus on what you do best; running your business.

We will create relevant, engaging and exciting content; to keep your customers updated; to keep them talking about your business; to keep them returning time and time again to your restaurant, bar or cafe.